Why should I opt for a Rustic Wide Plank Hardwood Floor?

Wide Plank flooring has been on the rise for the last few years (check out this article) and for good reason. Wide Plank floors create this very amazing feel in any space. They add a touch of comfort, ease, and help to create this awesome casual feel. We’ve seen the rise because let’s face it… we all have busy lifestyles, why not have a floor that suits this? Choosing a rustic wide plank floor will help to handle the wear and tear of your busy schedule.

Reason #1: Rustic Wide Plank Floors are Forgiving

Opting for a wide plank floor with our wire brushed finish is super low maintenance and easy to care for. The ample character throughout the boards including the knots, checks, and variation creates visual interest drawing your eye away from any marking or whoopsies that you have put your floor through. The character also helps to hide any dirt and dust, because lets face it none of us want to clean every day. They are easy to touch up with a small amount of stain if ever necessary, and it blends seamlessly with the rest of your floor.

Reason #2: Enhances Your Space

Whether you have a grand room or a small bedroom, wide plank rustic floors help to create a unique feel. The long board lengths, combined with the wide boards have this amazing ability to open up any space. Your eye is drawn to the awesome board lengths while highlighting the super wide boards. This helps to create visual continuity in the space and creates a nice open and airy feel. The wide boards also create a beautiful canvas for your space which creates an awesome focal point in your home.

Reason #3: Extremely Versatile with your Style

We often find that customers are scared it might end up looking too rustic in their space, although they can’t seem to take their eyes off the floor. The amazing thing about our wide plank floors is that they are so versatile with our huge stain selection.

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