How to Clean Parquet Floors

A vacuum cleaner is the best tool for cleaning parquet flooring because dust and dirt settle into the many crevices in parquet. A vacuum lifts it up and out. Keep these parquet floor cleaning tips in mind:

  1. Always turn off the rotating brush to avoid damage to the floor
  2. When possible, choose a lightweight machine designed for use on hardwood
  3. Avoid pulling the vacuum sideways, causing its wheels to skid across the floor and potentially scratch/mar it

A few of the top hardwood flooring vacuums are made by Dyson, Bissell, Prolux and Black & Decker. .

Spot clean the floor with a soft cloth only very slightly dampened with warm water, and dry the area after cleaning

If you choose a cleaner, select one that is designed for use on hardwood. Armstrong and Bruce are among the hardwood flooring manufacturers that make cleaner for this purpose. Most of these cleaners are not designed for use on waxed parquet flooring.

If your parquet has a wax finish on it, periodic buffing with a wax paste recommended by the flooring’s manufacturer will keep it bright. Use a slightly damp cloth for spot cleaning.

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